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"Grow your sales using our Expanded Content Labels!"
Barcode, Variable Data


Variable content can range from simple consecutive numbers, variable data files, barcodes, traceability codes, game codes on tickets, tags, and labels, that can give away a free download or a million dollars. It can be sandwiched between layers of material or concealed by scratch & reveal ink. Variable print can be used on all of Edwards products and is ideal for sweepstakes, game pieces and driving consumers to your websites.




  • ​Peel & Win coupons
  • Scratch & Reveal games
  • Digital Online Downloads
  • Cinema-Interactive Promotions


  • ​Contests
  • Giveaways
  • Game Pieces
  • Sweepstakes


"What you expect - Is what we inspect"

DOD printing enables hi-speed production of unique codes. These codes are used for a variety of marketing campaigns and Product Traceability Solutions (PTI). 

Edwards Label, in conjunction with some of our vendors, has developed a 100% Print on Demand inspection system that provides the peace of mind that all static and/or dynamic print is issue-free. What makes us unique is our internal procedures that protect our customers and our understanding of what steps are required to develop an internal plan to manage our customers' needs.

Our customized software allows us to have direct communication with all of the equipment, including printing press, ink jet system, vision system, inspection, and rewind. Also, the system can be tailored based on the needs of each customer.


Our Guardian Inspection System - PQV provides true 100% print quality "Vision Inspection."


Ensures print is free from:

  • Duplicity
  • Missing characters
  • Database corruptions
  • Ink spots
  • Smears
  • Streak
Variable Data, Quality Control
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