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Who Needs Flexible Packaging?


There is no competition more intense than the fight for shelf space. Additionally, if your product isn’t on an end-cap or at eye level, it is even harder to get noticed. That is where flexible packaging can help.


Flexible packaging can help you get noticed. Edwards Label has state of the art printing that can make your packaging pop with vibrant colors, stellar design and cutting-edge print quality in all shapes, sizes and materials. 

We can do just about every kind of flexible packaging and shrink sleeve that you can imagine from bottle labels to food pouches. We can print on single serve pouches as well as multi-serve pouches that can fold, bend and be carried and stored anywhere.


As the technology has become more affordable and turn around time becomes quicker, we have seen a gigantic growth in the uses for flexible packaging from food and beverage products to beauty and pharmaceutical products.


What makes Flexible Packaging Great?


Flexible packaging doesn’t require a label because everything is printed directly on the package. This saves time and money. Additionally, the flexible packaging can be made with a variety of materials. We can print on packaging with airtight seals and with FDA-approved materials. Flexible packaging can contain solids, semi-solids and liquids. Additionally, flexible packaging materials are durable and pliable which makes them perfect for thousands of different products.


What kind of materials can be used?


We can use paper, film, foil and plastic materials in many different weights and thicknesses customized to your needs. Food pouches have different requirements to comply with the FDA than pharmaceutical companies do. We can comply with both as well as any other requirements.


What industries are currently using flexible packaging?


Food, beverage, vitamins, beauty products, beverages and construction materials all use flexible packaging.


What types of flexible packaging can be done?


There are many types of flexible packaging. The most popular are bags, pouches, stick packs, sachets and sachet packets, bar wrappers, blister packets, pillow style pouches and several others. Call us at (310) 721-4824 and we will be happy to answer and advise you on any and all of your questions.


Why Edwards Label?


Edwards label is one stop shopping. Our goal is not to be the biggest label, flexible packaging and shrink sleeve printing company; it is simply to be the best. If it involves a label of any kind, we print it and have been doing it for over 30 years.


There are several products available and we know from experience what kinds of packaging will stand out. Our goal is to take care of all your flexible packaging needs, from the most simple to dual-chamber stand up pouches, self-heating pouches and any other specific needs you might have.


Edwards Label has always been on the cutting edge of both custom label printing and custom flexible packaging technology. The second there is a change or improvement in the industry we adapt immediately to take care of our client’s needs.


Feel free to call us any time to ask for advice, run ideas by us or request a quote. Just because a problem is unique to you, doesn’t mean it is unique to us. Chances are that we have solved your particular type of problem for a different client.


We can be reached at (310) 721-4824. .


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