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Booklet Labels Have Hundreds of Uses


What are booklet labels and what makes them so great?

The pressure sensitive custom booklet label is still one of the best ways to share a lot of information in a small space. You can literally fit as much product information as you would like and not have to worry about cutting into your branding or design.


Booklet labels go by a lot of names, i.e. expanded content labels, extended text labels, leaflet labels, fold-out labels, Extended content labels, ECLs, Multi-ply labels, etc. They all refer to the same kind of booklet label.


The format for a booklet label is a multi-panel expanded content label that is backed by a stick-on label. You can custom print anywhere on the fold out label. Extended content labels be easily removed or re-sealable depending upon your product and preference. Additionally, extended content labels can be customized to just about any shape or size.


There are lots of uses for custom leaflet labels and here are a few: on-pak promotions, instructions, warning information, legal copy, compliance copy, product information, as well as several others. Although Edwards Label did not invent the pressure sensitive booklet label, they have certainly perfected it. One of Edwards Label’s specialties is the custom extended text label, (ECL’s).


Some of the most frequent uses for custom label printing are by food companies, pharmaceutical companies and chemical companies.


Space is often at a premium on a package and there are sometimes that you will want to sell your product and provide a coupon to entice them to come back for more. This is easily done with the addition of a foldout coupon for future use or an IRC (instantly Redeemable Coupon) attached to the package.


Many companies use pressure sensitive coupons and leaflet labels for promotions in the form of on package coupons along with product information.


One of the best uses that we have seen for a booklet label is how it can improve the look of a product by placing the regulation and legal copy on the package without ruining the products appearance.


The Edwards Label Difference

For over 30 years, Edwards Label has been creating and customizing just about any kind of leaflet label, fold out coupon or on package coupon you can think of. Additionally, we can do it in any size or shape you can imagine. Give us a call and one of their experts will be happy to advise you on solutions to your unique labeling problem.


One of the things that makes Edwards Label special is that our advisors have seen just about any kind of label that you can put on a product. Although your problem might be unique to you, chances are that we have tackled something similar.


Whether you are looking for something as elaborate as a large map fold booklet label or as easy as a pressure sensitive label for your product, Edwards has the know how, service and turn-around time to make ordering labels as painless as possible.


Feel free to call us at any time to ask for advice, run ideas by us or request a quote. Just because a problem is unique to you, doesn’t mean it is unique to us. Chances are that we have solved your particular type of problem for a different client.


We can be reached at (310) 721-4824.

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