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"Grow your sales using our Expanded Content Labels!"
Dry Release, Coupon Label, IRC, On Pack Promotion


Attract consumers with our Dry Release - Dry Resealable labels. This is the perfect label for moving your products off shelves quickly and effectively. When used as an IRC, consumers appreciate this hassle-free way of saving on their favorite products. No need to hunt down coupons or cut-out of a coupon book. Give your customers an incentive to simply pick up your product and take it to the register.

  • Prints up to 10 colors

  • Prints on any stock combination

  • A large variety of die shapes and sizes to choose from.



  • Instant Redeemable Coupons (IRC)

  • Promotions

  • Sweepstakes

  • Contests

  • Cross Promotions

  • Multi-language

  • Variable Data

  • Recipes and more!

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