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Why Use Shrink Sleeve Labels ?


Absolutely nothing beats great Point of Sale packaging. Additionally, nothing in today’s market beats the POS impact of great shrink sleeve label design.

What is a Shrink Sleeve Label?


A shrink sleeve label is a 360-degree label otherwise known as a wrap-around label that form fits to the package it is designed for. It can fit the entire container or just part of it. 

What are some of the benefits to using this type of label?


There are several benefits with more created each day. In our opinion, here are some of the best:


1. Impact of Design

Imagine a brightly colored and beautifully designed label shrunk to fit and cover your entire package. There is no question that it will meet the uniqueness of your product stand out from your competition. 

Additionally, you have a lot more options than you have with traditional labels to give you a special look. Some examples we quote frequently are using a matt gloss look, using the technology to create a multi-pack shrink sleeves, using foil, spot gloss and using UV metallic ink.


2. Impact of Label Content

Since your stretch sleeve label now covers your entire packaging, you have plenty of room to provide any information you need.


3. Huge Cost Savings

Custom shrink sleeve labels offer a more cost effective way of labeling and decorating a product.

Additionally, there are no costs for plates with this technology which means that your design changes can be made quickly and much more economically. When you add this to all the other cross savings associated with producing a digital shrink sleeve you save even more.


4. Design Changes Can Be Made Quickly

One of the best features of the shrink sleeve technology is that design changes can be made in a few minutes. If need be, they can also be made during a press proof and be run on the press shortly thereafter.


5. Solves Custom Packaging Problems

If you have a uniquely shaped product, chances are you have wrestled with how to print on it or label it. With shrink sleeve labels, this problem is completely eliminated and will make the product look much more attractive.


6. Testing and One-Offs

It is very easy to create a couple of prototypes for testing and one off’s.


7. 360 Degree Labeling

Your package design is seen from every possible angle.


8. Popular Custom Shrink Sleeve Label Applications

There are thousands of different applications that are used in almost every kind of package goods industry. Here are some of our favorites: beauty products, pharmaceutical products, sports drinks, beverages, food products, personal care products, cosmetic products and cleaning products.


9. Can Shrink Sleeve Labels Be Used For Security?

Absolutely. One of the largest uses for shrink sleeves is for “tamper-evident” brands. These can be printed with warning labels or an accompanying a safety seal. If the seal is tampered with in any way, you will be able to tell immediately. Additionally, the labels can be perforated at the opening. This kind of labeling is heavily used with pharmaceutical products as will as food and beverages.


10. What types of film material is used to develop a shrink sleeve?

The materials we use are generally PLA, EPS, PVC, PETG, OPP or some sort of custom film specified by the client.


As you can see, the uses for shrink sleeve labeling are only limited by your imagination – or ours.


Edwards Label has been in the label business for over 30 years.


Give us a call at (310) 721-4824 and we will be happy to take all the time you need to answer any questions and walk you through the process.

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