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"Grow your sales using our Expanded Content Labels!"
Booklet Label, Cosmetic Label, Fold Out, Hinged, Expanded text, Extended content


Boost your product sales with on-pack booklet labels. Your packaging must attract the consumer's attention and effectively communicate your advertising message. Use booklet labels to enhance your product's appearance and create substantial added value. In fact, on-pack instant coupons are 20 times more effective than free-standing inserts.


Booklet labels may go by a lot of names - expanded content labels, extended text labels, leaflet labels, fold-out labels, multi-ply labels, ECLs, hinged labels - but they all refer to the same kind of label.

When surveyed, 56% of shopper say they pay frequent attention to on-pack offers, and almost 33% of consumers are motivated to buy a new product by on-pack coupons.

Sweepstakes & Giveaways

Booklet Label, Extended Content Label, Expanded Text Label, Hinged Label, Folded Label

Reward repeat purchases of your product with giveaways or launch a sweepstakes. The booklet label gives you plenty of room for creative and enticing graphics.

Legal Text

Many products require extensive text to meet legal and/or regulatory guidelines. Everything from sweepstakes regulations to nutritional information and cautions for use can be included on our expanded text labels.


Educate and remind consumers about the extent and variety of your product line. Showcase your full offerings in a beautiful full-color booklet label.


Add value to your product by providing tasty recipes in a booklet label. You'll inspire creative uses of your product and increase your customers' satisfaction.

Booklet Label ,Folded Label, Hinged Label, Coupon Label, Cross Promotion, IRC


Reduce costs and reach new markets by providing instructions and/or legal text in two or more languages, all fitting nicely into a compact extended content label.

New Product Introductions & Cross-Promotions

Use multi ply labels to sell new products to your consumer base. Or you can market your product with a coupon from another complimentary manufacturer. Double the exposure of both companies while sharing the costs!

Coupons with Extended Barcodes

Foldout labels are ideal for all kinds of coupons and on pack promotions to move your product or offer "tie-ins" with other products. And they offer plenty of room for those extended barcodes.

Mail-In Respones

A return coupon collecting consumer name and address is the ideal call-to-action for many offers, providing you with valuable consumer information for future promotions.

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