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"Grow your sales using our Expanded Content Labels!"


Variable Data, Barcode Printing

Variable content can range from simple consecutive numbers, variable data files, barcodes, traceability codes, game pieces on tickets, tags, and labels, that can give away a free download or a million dollars.

Custom Label Printing

Edwards Label puts the needs of our customers first! We will determine what your needs are, then which technology and approach will best suit those needs.

Label Enhancement, Embossing

Embossing refers to the creation of an impression of some kind of design, decoration, lettering or pattern on another surface to make a relief.

Label Enhancement, Foil Stamping

Designers and clients love foil stamping because it is so impactful when executed well. Foil stamping adds shimmer and texture to highlight specific text or images.

Scratch and Sniff

Tempt your senses with these fun pro-active labels. Dream up some exciting promotions where scent can help convey your marketing message.

Scratch Cards, Scratch and Reveal, Game CArds

This game piece or scratch & reveal label/card will help you move your product in the store and drive people to your website by using unique number and codes for games, sweepstakes, and online coupons.

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